VPI Soft Sensors

A software suite for the design, calibration and real-time integration of software predictors for unmeasurable industrial process data.

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A novel, hybrid soft sensor architecture.

Our first-to-market hybrid soft sensor architecture combines first-principles mathematical process models with a statistical and optimisation engine that incorporates historical process and laboratory data, yielding a high quality predictor that goes beyond the state of the art.

High quality, real time predictors of critical process variables.

Advanced control strategies require high-quality measures of output quality, in order to steer plants’ operating conditions towards optimality. Our soft sensors provide high quality, real time estimates of critical, unmeasurable process variables for optimal control.

Visual Analytics

Design, calibrate and integrate.

Our software suite provides a comprehensive set of tools to design and calibrate software based soft sensors and integrate them for real time prediction in a plant’s APC architecture.

Based on the VPI platform

Based on the Visual Process Intelligence platform, a state of the art data aggregation, processing and intelligence platform for the process industry.

Visual Analytics